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Independent review from Blue Ink

Murder on the Mound David Feldman Lulu, 260 pages, (paperback) $15.40, 978-1684714407 (Reviewed: April, 2020) Baseball, sex, murder, and courtroom drama fuel David Feldman’s fastball murder mystery, Murder on the Mound. Best friends Scott Davis and Doug Simons were major-league draftees in 1999. Scott’s brilliant career as a Red Sox shortstop was cut short when

Independent review from Kirkus Indie

TITLE INFORMATION MURDER ON THE MOUND David Feldman Lulu (260 pp.) $32.40 hardcover, $15.40 paperback, $8.99 e-book ISBN: 978-1-68471-441-4 November 26, 2019 BOOK REVIEW In this whodunit, a shortstop-turned-lawyer tries to prove his best friend’s innocence. Scott Davis, a college baseball star at Stanford, was one of the two best players on the premier team

Review from Forward Reviews

Clarion Review MYSTERY Murder on the Mound David Feldman Lulu (Jan 15, 2020) Softcover $15.99 (260pp) 978-1-68471-440-7 Filled with salacious intrigue and procedural details, Murder on the Mound is a fascinating murder mystery. In David Feldman’s mystery novel Murder on the Mound, a major league baseball player is accused of murder; his college teammate turned

This profile was recently published in several Connecticut newspapers. Thank you to Brian Gioiele for a great piece.

Reader Review

Murder on the Mound was a thrilling murder mystery story that sucked me in from the first pages!  An exciting read that kept me on my toes until the very last page. I hope that we will be hearing more from Scott and Doug very soon.  Emily Thanks Emily. Glad you enjoyed the book.